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First in Sweden - Since 2017

If the Phiremoval treatment is carried out correctly, only one or possibly a couple of treatments are needed to get a satisfactory result regarding PMU removal.

Regarding body tattoos, 2 - 6 treatments are often necessary to minimize the risk of scar tissue.

About the treatment

Have you ever experienced the feeling of having a bad permanent makeup tattoo that you are desperate to get rid of then this is for you. PhiRemoval is the best way to fix the problem. It's also the safest and most efficient way to remove PMUs you're not happy with.

The products used in Phiremoval are based on glycolic acid which helps to provide a profound result in the skin. When the substance is applied to the skin, the substance also goes deep into adjacent tissues. Thanks to this, there is no reason to expose the skin to unnecessary interventions by PMU tools, neither mechanical nor manual ones. The subject itself does a large part of the work.

We really just need to streamline the benefits of the subject. The best effect is achieved through a staccato-like movement against the skin called "the master motion". "The staccato motion" opens the skin in a perfect way without damaging the tissues. The method causes old pigments to be released and migrate up to the surface.

Phiremoval works equally well on all types of pigment, is effective, produces less scar tissue and is certainly significantly cheaper than other methods. Laser treatment works best on black or dark tattoos but cannot remove red, white and green pigments. The length of time needed between treatments depends on the skin where the removal takes place. The affected area often becomes red, which gradually disappears until the skin is restored to its natural shape and color. In other words, Phiremoval is an effective method for removing both body tattoos and PMUs.

Then PhiRemoval may be relevant

Listed below are a number of occasions when PhiRemoval may be relevant:

Badly shaped eyebrows
Uneven eyeliner tattoos
Pigment migration around the eyes after eyeliner tattoo
Uneven lip line or lip contour
The PMU pigment has become discolored – red, grey, blue or green
White or camouflage paint used to hide an old tattoo comes to the surface.
Maybe you are simply tired of your old tattoos.

What can we remove using PhiRemoval?

Occasional tattooed hairs, unwanted dots and small details
Parts, even small, of eyebrows
Full eyebrows
Lip contours and unevenly shaped lips
Migrated pigment, even severe cases

Post care home after treatment 

Keep the scabs dry for 2 days.
Do not use cosmetic or hygienic make-up for 10-14 days on the affected area after treatment.
Do not peel off the scabs, but let them fall off by themselves.
Do not use solarium and avoid the sun for 14 days.
Avoid baths, saunas and swimming pools for 2 weeks.
Avoid face and body treatments for 3 to 6 weeks.
Do not exercise or receive face or body massage for 7 days.
Always keep in touch with PlusBeauty as they performed the procedure and inform about the condition of the skin at 1 to 3 day intervals.

What are the benefits of PhiRemoval?

The tissue heals quickly
Only marginal discomfort to the client
No scars
Easy to immediately see how much pigment disappears
Cleans the lips from old pigment better than any other procedure
No long-term redness or damage to the skin

Common question

Is it possible to remove red color from the eyebrows?

Yes, after a procedure the eyebrows turn gray instead.

How many treatments are needed to completely remove the pigment?

It depends on; new PMU or Microbladings are very easy to remove while older ones need more procedures.

Is it possible to remove pigment that has migrated to surrounding tissues?

Yes, with PhiRemoval this is possible. The procedure is very gentle on the skin even in these cases, but more than one treatment is needed.

Is there any risk of scarring associated with PhiRemoval?

So far we haven't seen anyone get any scars.

How long do I have to wait before the next treatment?

In order for the area to heal properly, the Phiremoval treatments must be separated by approximately 3-6 weeks.

Can I do a PhiRemoval treatment even though I am taking medication?

Conditions and factors that may prevent you from having a treatment are:

Blood thinning medications, diabetes, hemophilia, steroids, pregnancy or breastfeeding, Keloid scars, birthmarks or port wine stains.

If you have used Botox or fillers, you should generally wait at least three weeks before undergoing a PhiRemoval treatment.
Price: The first treatment with PhiRemoval costs SEK 1,890 and subsequent treatments cost SEK 1,000 per treatment.
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