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Hydra Skin Glow Facial

What is the Hydra Skin Glow Facial?

The Hydra Skin Glow Facial takes this type of facial to a whole new level. It is a non-penetrating method designed to clean the pores, hydrate the skin and improve its quality. In addition, it works for pretty much everyone regardless of age, skin type and skin color.
The Hydra Skin Glow Facial technology exfoliates, removes imperfections, cleanses and plumps the skin while moisturizing, all with just one technological head unit.

The cooling massage provided by one of the machine's heads minimizes the size of the pores, providing both water and energy to the skin cells. Through this process, oxygen and nutrients are better absorbed.

The high frequency of the head's intense vibrations breaks down the water molecules to nano size. These tiny particles penetrate the skin and immediately give it a radiant and more even appearance.

More about Hydra Skin Glow Facial

The Hydra Skin Glow Facial treatment is ideal for detoxifying and balancing the skin if you want to improve the texture of the skin and achieve a more even color on it.

The skin will always contain dead and stale cells. The treatment removes these, dirt stuck and other impurities in the skin. The vacuum created by negative pressure causes ultra-small bubbles to flow in, which allows the moisturizing serum to be applied effectively.

The Hydra Skin Glow Facial treatment has so much to offer, including a gentle peel using a cleansing liquid and a peeling solution containing salicylic acid. The next step in the procedure is to apply vitamins, moisture and antioxidants to the skin.

Oddly enough, most facials focus on improving the skin's current status, unlike the Hydra Skin Glow Facial, which tries to create a long-lasting and lasting result.

The cleansing and exfoliating solution used during the treatment helps the skin renew itself. The spirulina extract (microalgae) included in the solution soothes the skin and the antioxidants reduce and fight the signs of aging. In addition, the skin is protected from external influences and harmful effects from free radicals. The moisture makes the skin soft and supple while the elasticity improves. In addition, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is counteracted.

Finally, a serum is worked into the skin using slightly increased air pressure. The serum is moisturizing, enriched with a special combination of herbal extracts, Panthenol (vitamin B-5) and vitamin E. The combination accelerates the renewal process in the skin and contributes to protection from antioxidants. Malva extract makes the skin soft, tea tree oil cleans and soothes, while Nesrin guarantees maximum hydration.

Which skin problems can be addressed with the deep cleansing Hydra Skin Glow Facial treatment?

Clogged pores (blackheads)
Excessive sebum production
White and black pimples
Acne scars
Dry and sensitive skin
Uneven skin color and redness
Fine lines and wrinkles
Bags under the eyes

What other benefits does the Hydra Skin Glow Facial treatment have?

It is gentle but nevertheless very effective and therefore a better alternative compared to tougher facial treatments. Here we can mention laser and various types of peeling, both of which can cause irritation and redness up to a couple of days after the procedure in question. Below are some of the reasons why people generally love the Hydra Skin Glow Facial:

Works on all skin types regardless of whether you have sensitive, dry or oily dito or problems such as acne.
The same great results every time. Since most of the treatment is dependent on the Hydra Skin Glow Facial technology, the same good results are achieved every time.
No waiting time. This is another reason why the treatment is so popular. In fact, you can wear make-up the same day if you wish, but most people are so happy with the glow of their skin after the treatment that they refrain from covering it up.
Immediate results. Because the treatment is non-penetrating (non-invasive), you can see the positive results right away. We recommend the method before big events such as weddings thanks to the shiny, healthy look.
It should be added that some discomfort may be experienced during the treatment itself, but after it, it is just a matter of returning to your daily routines without having to wait for a time-consuming healing process.

Side effects – no!

No side effects have been observed either. Most other facials, especially those that include extractions, have side effects. Maybe you had a facial before a party, event or similar and skipped the extraction part for fear of the pain and redness. This is nothing you need to worry about with the Hydra Skin Glow Facial procedure. Rather, the treatment is relaxing and feels more like a light massage. Hydrafacial also gives a significantly better result than other facial treatments and without either pain or risk of inflammation. The choice is thus quite simple.

How often should you do Hydra Skin Glow Facial treatments?

If you have never done this type of treatment before, it may be beneficial to start with two to four Hydra Skin Glow Facials per month for about three months. After this, the skin has probably achieved a better general status than before and after that once a month is enough.

HydraSkin Golw Facail Price 1495 SEK, Package 3 treatments 3750 SEK
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Carbon Peeling (Hollywood peeling)

Carbon Peeling is an innovative treatment that is basically painless with minimal or virtually no healing time. The benefits are many for individuals with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, tired and dull skin texture or with acne on the face or body. The treatment is also a perfect way to exfoliate and refresh the skin.

The result is a direct improvement in the skin's luster and the skin feels softer, smoother and firmer.
The method is based on a layer of the carbon solution being applied to the skin. Then you wait a while while the liquid penetrates deep into the pores. The light from the laser is attracted to the carbon particles and is drawn to them.Charcoal has the ability to absorb oil and impurities deep within the pores. As the laser moves over the treated area and finds and destroys the carbon particles, these particles take with them all the material absorbed in the liquid.As mentioned, the treatment results in a number of advantages, including the following.

When the carbon particles are hit by the laser, they send away dead skin cells and blackheads while effectively exfoliating the skin. The result is softer, shinier skin with reduced pore size and a significantly more even skin tone.

Rejuvenated skin:

Carbon peeling also hits the deeper layers of the skin and thus also stimulates the natural production of collagen. This in turn creates firmer, plumper skin with reduced lines and wrinkles that make the skin firmer and look radiant.

Effective against acne and oily skin:

The heat that is part of the treatment provides two additional benefits. It reduces the bacteria that are the main cause of acne, making it easier to treat future pimples and breakouts. By reducing the production of fat from the skin, the risk of clogging the pores also decreases. The treatment can be performed anywhere on the body including the back and chest.

Just like with all skin treatments, carbon peeling must also be supplemented with a good routine for taking care of the skin and using a cream with a high sun protection factor daily.

A visible result can be expected immediately after the first treatment, but for a maximum effect that lasts longer, regular treatments are recommended.

Carbon Peeling Price 1495 SEK, Package 3 treatments 3750 SEK
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What is Dermaplaning?
Dermaplaning is a quick, painless and safe treatment that can do wonders for your skin. It is non-invasive (i.e. non-penetrating), without chemicals and manually exfoliates the epidermis in depth at the same time as the procedure rids the skin of the so-called Vellus hairs. Dermaplaning thus offers an unusual combination of skin rejuvenation in general along with the benefits of removing hair from the skin.
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Dermaplaning is performed using a sterile scalpel blade (discarded after each treatment). When the blade is used, the outermost layer of skin is scraped away. This consists of dead skin cells which are removed with feather-light movements. What remains is a soft and smooth surface. The procedure is highly adaptable and can be performed on a small area as well as on the entire face.

The dermaplaning treatment leaves the skin smoother than other exfoliating techniques thanks to the removal of hair. No healing process is needed and the result is always the softest possible skin.

In other words – Dermaplaning is safe for all skin types and is recommended for anyone who desires a non-invasive, affordable, rejuvenating treatment that focuses on quick treatment sessions with no healing process afterwards.

Summary of the benefits of Dermaplaning

Manual exfoliating technique
🔘 Removes dirt from the surface with a special scalpel blade
🔘 Increases the skin's ability to absorb necessary substances
🔘 Instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
🔘 Prepares the skin for other treatments
🔘 Creates a healthier more radiant appearance
🔘 Corrects hyperpigmentation
🔘 Also works for pregnant clients as no chemicals are used

Common Questions

When can Dermaplaning not be used?

🔘 For clients with active acne
🔘 For nickel allergy sufferers
🔘 For people undergoing Accutane treatment – ​​must wait for 6 months after completion of treatment
🔘For those who have several rashes that are above the skin level
🔘 For people with rosacea because the treatment can make the skin even more irritated and red.
🔘 For those who regularly get cold sores and do not use anti-herpes medication. They can book a new appointment 24 hours after starting treatment with the medicine mentioned above.
🔘 For clients with untreated diabetes.
🔘 For people undergoing treatment for Cancer.
🔘 For people who have any kind of infection in the skin and nearby tissues.
🔘 For those with autoimmune diseases that affect the skin, such as Scleroderma, Vasculitis and Psoriasis.
🔘For people with Lupus, Erysipelas, active Dermatitis and Rosacea.
🔘 For people who get keloid scars easily.

How does Dermaplaning differ from Microdermabrasion?
They are two completely different treatments. Dermaplaning uses a scalpel to remove dead skin cells, microdermabrasion "sandpapers" the skin by using a tool with a special head - either a diamond tip or a crystal. Fine particles can be sent towards the skin through a blast of air or a tool is used directly on the skin. Regardless of the method, the goal is to exfoliate the skin surface.

Microdermabrasion creates friction, pressure and suction during the treatment and results in a slight redness. This form of treatment is becoming increasingly rare as it can cause complications such as infections and scarring.

Dermaplaning, on the other hand, is not aggressive and provides a deep cleansing exfoliation without side effects. It differs from all other similar treatments because there are no chemical products, suction or crystals during the procedure.

How does Dermaplaning differ from Peeling?
Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliating process that does not use either acids or enzymes to remove the dead skin cells. The exfoliation that occurs takes place during the treatment, while a peel can result in a dramatic reaction in the days following the procedure.

What can I expect during treatment?
Dermaplaning is a painless treatment that includes deep cleansing, professional exfoliation followed by a restorative procedure and finished with a unique nurturing skin treatment tailored to the client's special needs.

The treatment in point form:

The patient lies down on the treatment bench
Manual dermaplaning is then started. A scalpel is used to scrape off the skin with feather-light movements. This goes on for about 20 to 30 minutes on average during which the skin is exfoliated.
The skin is then treated with products that have a soothing effect. This part of the treatment may differ depending on the client's skin.

What can I expect after the treatment?

As with all other treatments, the results vary individually. Regardless of this, the positive results of the procedure are immediately visible – there may be a slight redness for about an hour afterwards, however, how long depends on how sensitive the skin is. Also remember that over the years your skin has received accumulated damage that differs depending on how you've lived and where you live.

Often the skin looks significantly lighter after the treatment, but it normally takes a few days before the final result is visible. For people with acne, light scaling may occur around the active areas for about 24 hours but it always disappears.

The post-treatment consists of different serums – the skin is much more receptive to this type of active skin products after the treatment because the cleaning has taken place in depth.

Is it possible to perform the treatment yourself?

Most likely, you will not achieve the result you want and it is also associated with certain risks. It is often the case that cuts and other injuries occur due to gaps in knowledge and experience. Especially when it comes to handling the tool and preparing the skin. This also means that the risk of infection, complications and pain is much greater if you try to carry out the treatment yourself.

How often should Dermaplaning be performed?

Every four to five weeks. The treatment removes 2 to 3 weeks of dead skin cells. You should then allow the skin to complete a full normal cycle for 28 days before repeating the treatment.

Post care home after treatment

Your skin will feel amazing after the treatment but please read the following post treatment advice. There may be a slight itching or burning sensation for 24 hours after the procedure. This is completely normal.
When washing your face, use a mild, approved product. Rinse the skin lightly (with water only) and pat it dry - do not scrub.

Avoid swimming pools for 24 hours - this is to avoid Chlorine.

No Makeup for 24 – 48 hours.

Avoid activities that cause you to sweat profusely for three days - for example sauna or tough workouts.

The skin will be more sensitive because we have removed one of the natural protective barriers. So, avoid too much sunshine. Sunscreen must be used when going outside, level 30-50 is recommended. You should do this for 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment. Feel free to wear sunglasses and/or a cap.

Avoid waxing your face for 7 days.

No exfoliating treatments for 1 week (for example various scrubs).

Dermaplaning Plus Skin Boost price 1495 SEK
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