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Before your waxing
In order for you to get as even and durable waxing as possible, you should remember that your hair should be at least 3-5 mm long at the time of waxing. This is so that the hair will get stuck in the wax and follow it out with the "twitch".

The day before waxing, but also between your waxings, we recommend that you scrub (with peeling or scrub) the area to be waxed. In this way, you can avoid getting inflamed hair follicles.

Waxing For Women

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Description Price Time
Brazilian waxing + half leg SEK 795 70 min
Brazilian waxing + whole leg SEK 995 90 min
Half leg + bikini SEK 495 60 min
Half leg incl. knee SEK 495 60 min
Whole leg SEK 695 90 min
Whole leg incl. bikini line SEK 795 90 min
Arm waxing SEK 495 45 min
Armpit waxing SEK 200 20 min
Bikini waxing SEK 350 30 min
Brazilian waxing SEK 450 30 min
Butt waxing SEK 395 30 min
We use sugaring for intimate waxing.

Waxing For Men

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Description Price Time
Sugar wax breast + stomach SEK 550 60 min
Sugar wax back + shoulders SEK 550 60 min
Whole arms SEK 495 45 min
Half arms SEK 350 30 min

We do not perform intimate waxing on men, so called manzilian.

Things to consider before waxing:

Exfoliate, (scrub the area with a scrub brush, face cloth or body scrub) clean and moisturize the area every day with a pumice glove or similar. Use only liquid soap.

Make sure to be extra clean when you come for your treatment. We recommend cleaning wipes.
Take an Ibuprofen or other painkiller 30 - 45 minutes before your treatment if you are worried that it will hurt.

Certain things you should avoid as they make you more sensitive when waxing: tiredness (try to be rested), having your period, being pregnant, drinking alcohol on the same day or the day before or drinking too much coffee. You can also try numbing cream.

Take care of the skin after intimate waxing:

Do not wear tight pants or leggings for a few days after treatment. Try using cotton without laces.
Keep your hands away from the newly waxed skin, as touching may cause unnecessary irritation and small pimples.

Opt for a shower instead of a bath and use a mild soap on the waxed area. Avoid bathtubs or hot baths for the rest of the day.

No solarium, sauna or steam bath for two days.

Sexual activity should be avoided for 24 – 48 hours.

Exfoliate. Every day just like before you wax.

If you get hairs that grow inward, prepare yourself with some kind of spray that counteracts such.

Waxing Common Questions - FAQ's

Q. Does it hurt less the second time?
A. Yes, because the new hair is softer and thinner and has fewer root nodules.

Q. How often is it appropriate to get a Brazilian wax?
A. For the first six months, I recommend every four weeks. After that every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how much the hair grows.

Q. Can I wax when I'm pregnant?
A. Yes! There are no restrictions regarding waxing when you are pregnant and there are examples of women waxing very close to their delivery.

Q. What are the small drops of blood on the skin?
A. Hairs that are growing have small blood vessels at their root in the skin. When the hair is pulled out, a small amount of blood may rise to the surface of the skin through the channel where the hair was previously located.

Q. Can I shave if I want?
A. You can but it is not recommended as the hair in the area will grow thicker which means the next waxing will be much more painful.

Q. How do I achieve the best result from my waxing?
A. Before you get to your treatment, moisturize and exfoliate!

Q. Do I have to trim my hair before I come for my treatment?
A. No. Do not trim. The problem is that if you trim too much, the hair is too short to wax.

Q. Do I have to wax at regular intervals?
A. No, but to achieve the best result and avoid much of the pain during your treatments, it is good to wax at regular intervals.
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